The Modern Day Fairytale

Dev and I have some incredibly special people in our lives.  We are blessed with such supportive, caring, loving and outright awesome family and friends.  Our wedding was a combination of so many of these people and their talents.  I want to share a few of those talents with you over the next few months and in the process let you know a few details of what went on the day Dev and I said “I do”.

A few weeks before the big day my Uncle, my Mum’s brother, told me he was writing a fairytale – the main characters?  Dev & I!  I was completely intrigued and thrilled when he asked if I wouldn’t mind if he read it out at our wedding.  Wouldn’t mind??  I was honoured.  Understand this, writing is not my Uncles profession and just one of the many reasons it made this gesture so special.  In the following weeks there were a few phone calls between my Mum and Uncle where facts were checked and confirmed, and I grew more and more excited to hear the fairytale.

Ladies and gents – he did not disappoint, both Dev & I were so touched that he put pen to paper and wrote something that we will cherish forever.  Have a read:

The Modern Day Fairytale – A love worth waiting for

Gorgeous Kim was born in a country North of the great, green, greasy river, in a land now called Zimboland, hence at times she’s been called Kimbo from Zimbo with a meaningful name of Christian.  A shy, young lass blessed with a captivating natural charm, which always drew much wide-eyed attention from members of the opposite gender.  School was at Bishopslea and Peterhouse where Vanessa, Charlotte, Carol & Kim formed a firm bond.  They can supply all the details!  We however, herald a National tennis champion, Kim.

On leaving school, Kim left Zim and studied in the Mother city in a country on the very southern tip of darkest Africa.  A great time was had by young Kim, Tash and their friends and the charm still exuded in waves and she disarmed a certain rugby star called Bobby, but his arrogance was a no-no and found no favour.  On qualifying, Kim travelled abroad to the land of her ancestors; sometimes known as “Mud Island”.  There she settled in a tiny Hamlet called London.  For eight years, Kim partied there and worked successfully in various fields, culminating in Event organising.

An adventurous time was had by Kim and her many friends.  She met some special guys who thought she was extremely special but none had the X factor that could stir up the flutter storm in Kim’s heart.  After eight good years, Kim earned her citizenship in that Northern country only to find that the call of her family in darkest Africa was just too powerful.  So Kim decided to “Wend” her way “over” the seas and mountains to the Mighty Metropolis of Mooi River on the Midlands Meander.

As London’s Eros would have it, there happened to be a young, energetic, sports mad gent with the Christian name Devon – nothing to do with a certain part of Mud Island – and the surname, Wendover.  He too exudes a confident charm that has turned many a young lass’s head.  It has to be said that he is tall, dark, handsome and has an every-ready smile.  But alas, despite the interest of many a fair maiden, he too could not find the X factor that would spark that flutter storm in his ticker.

As fate would have it, Kim has many cousins in this metropolis of Mooi River on the Meander who were determined to arrange a “chance” meeting between disarming, charming and beautiful Kim and the dashing, debonair Devon.

Next came the vigorous family seal of approval.  Devon instantly endeared himself to prospective in-laws & co, when on a trip to Umfolozi he displayed a great love for game, the bush and birds.  He proved an ace with the camera and didn’t flinch when the hyena tried to cash in on the evening braai!  Kim too was an instant hit with her prospective mother-in-law in a “baobab bar” on a trip up to the land of her birth.

Devon realised what a treasure he’d found when, one day he fell off his trusty two wheeler steed.  He met the tar with tremendous force but never fear, a bonnie Florence Nightingale was near.

It all came about and the X factor heart flutters exploded instantly, cupids arrow had hit its mark, and has culminated in the happy-ever-after scenario we are privileged to witness here today.

Now you tell me you don’t believe in fairytales.  Just look at those smiles and witness a love worth waiting for.

Thank you Uncle Nev, for being such an important part of our lives, for this beautiful fairytale and for being a part of our special day!  We are blessed to have you, and all our Aunts & Uncles in our lives!


Family rocks!!

My Thursday Thought: Blessed

For the last two years the beginning of March has not been the easiest time for my family and I, there are times when I feel like it has been so long since I last spoke to my Dad yet at the same time I cannot quite believe it has already been two years this week since he passed away.  I wanted to dedicate My Thursday Thought to everyone who has lost someone they love, we have all felt the devastation of loss and it is no easy thing to go through.  Searching for some quotes on this topic I am very conscious that I do not want it to be a sad post but rather one where we are reminded of how much we are blessed.  For everyone we have lost we were blessed with precious memories of them, times spent together and stories that will live on.

This week, instead of being too sad I am choosing to count my blessings, of which there are so many.  Instead of looking at the years I have to live without my Dad, I am choosing to be grateful for all the years I did have with him.  Rather than being sad that my husband never got to meet him, I am going to overload Dev with stories of my Dad, making sure he gets to know him through me.  Instead of being sad that I will never hear him tell his very very many funny/not so funny jokes, crazy sayings and the song he would sing to wake us up every morning when we stayed with him, I am going to keep them alive with my beautiful siblings and family, ensuring they are never lost.

So this Thursday I ask you to look past the pain and try to focus on the blessings we were given by having such incredible and special people in our lives.  Hug those you love just a little tighter today and let those you love know it…always!  Here are a bit of a mixture of quotes which I love.

Loved ones 1 Loved ones Loved ones 5 Loved ones 4 Loved ones 3

Blessed 1 Blessed Blessed 2

Loved ones 2

Have a Blessed Thursday everyone.


Moon honey revealed

First things first, we are back from honeymoon…we actually got back a week ago but I have been playing massive catch up ever since, hence the delay in any blog posts until now.  Now to spill the beans on where I was whisked off to.  To say I was spoilt on honeymoon is an incredible understatement.  I was surprised with not one but three holidays, each one with different experiences.  I had absolutely no idea about the first two and never even suspected them.  It was actually pretty funny as the day we left my MIL arrived to pick us up, I was still clueless but figured if we were getting driven somewhere then surely it was to the airport.

On the two hour drive to Durban I quietly sat in the back seat and pretended to look all casual when on the inside my mind was desperately trying to work out where it was we were going.  After about an hour I couldn’t contain myself and I started googling flights out of Durban and tried hard to work out possible destinations.  Infact I was so engrossed in searching online trying to figure out where we were going that it took me a while to realise we had driven past the airport.  Oh so no airport…what??  And then it hit me, WE ARE GOING ON A CRUISE!!  That is right – part one of our honeymoon was a four night stay on the MSC Opera cruising to Maputo and Portuguese Island.  I was beyond excited as I had never been on a cruise before.  Good work Dev.


Our cruise was fantastic, it is incredible to experience such a huge hotel on the sea.  There is so much to see, do, experience.  There were nearly 2000 people on board and yet I am certain we didn’t catch even a glimpse of everyone.  For the hungry there is food available 24 hours a day, for the kids there are day care facilities and a virtual games room, for the sun worshippers there are two swimming pools, two jacuzzi’s and a whole deck dedicated to getting some sun.  For the theatre lovers there is a different show every night (two performances) in the huge theatre, for the party goers you can start drinking from 7am every morning and I am actually not sure you ever need to stop until the morning of your departure, although I admit I never tried that.  For the cultural lovers you get the opportunity to get off and do a city tour of Maputo and learn more about life there, for the adventure seekers you are able to visit Portuguese Island and spend a day skiing, tubing or searching for dolphins, for the gamblers there is a casino on board.  For the health conscious there is a fairly well kitted out gym with a view you don’t get very often – running on your treadmill with nothing but the wide open sea as your view is quite an experience although trying to get your sea legs whilst running is also pretty amusing.  For the bored there is endless entertainment put together by the crew’s animators who are full of life and very entertaining, and finally for those that prefer to be pampered there is a spa on board with everything from haircuts, to manicures/pedicures and full body massages.  There is pretty much everything.


After five glorious days of the above it was hard to believe there was still more spoiling to be done, but there was and I was whisked off on a three night safari at Umfolozi Game Reserve.  For those that have been on a safari will know, it is one of the most peaceful and relaxing holidays out there.  Don’t get me wrong – you wake up early, try 4.10am early, every morning in order to take in a morning’s game drive before the heat sets in, and there are many occasions of sheer exhilaration and heart-in-your-throat moments during these game drives when you come across a big bull elephant or a precious rhino just metres from your car.  However in between your early morning and late afternoon drives you get to just veg.  And ladies and gents – I took vegging to the next level.  I slept when I felt like it, I read – A LOT, Dev and I played numerous games of cards – I managed to keep my winners crown time and time again, and together we just destressed and rejuvenated our souls…it was absolute bliss.  I have said it before and I will keep saying it for many many years to come, I feel incredibly lucky to share this planet with animals, I am blessed to be able to experience wildlife in their own environment, and I will never ever get tired of going on safari.

Umfolozi 1 Umfolozi 2 Umfolozi 3 Umfolozi 4

We had a very early start on departure day but we were starting to get used to it and I didn’t mind one bit as it meant that I was off to discover part three of our already unbelievable honeymoon.  We caught an early flight to Johannesburg and after managing to get my broken nail repaired – oh the woes – and a quick overnight we were finally on our way to part three: seven luxurious nights all inclusive stay in Zanzibar.  This island getaway was exactly what we needed to end off an incredible honeymoon.  Our room had one of the best views of the ocean and I spent almost the entire time in my bikini taking in all that Zanzibar has to offer, from delicious tropical fruit, and fruit cocktails, to lip smacking fresh seafood, the sights, the smells and the shopping…sorry Dev but a girl can’t be kept away from the shops forever you know.  Although the driving left a lot to be desired it amazed me that road rage is at an all time low…someone cuts you off, you don’t batter an eyelid, another guy overtakes the car in front of him ensuring that he has pulled out into your lane just 10metres in front, never mind, you just put on brakes and pull off the road.  It is quite something and I couldn’t help but wonder how our South African taxi’s would cope there.  Snorkelling, suntanning, table tennis, more snorkelling, more suntanning, a few drinks at the pool bar, sitting on your bar stool, which is in the pool.  A romantic couples massage, another cocktail, more snorkelling…this was a snippet of how our seven days were spent.  Who could ask for more.

Zanzibar 1 Zanzibar 2 Zanzibar 3 Zanzibar 4 Zanzibar 5To my gorgeous hubby, you blow me away every day with your kindness, your ability to make me feel so loved and your endless desire to ensure I am looked after and happy.  The amount of effort you put into keeping our honeymoon a surprise and the thought that went into our three destinations is something I will remember for the rest of my life.  I often don’t deserve your generosity and I thank you for our incredible honeymoon and all that you do for me even when it is not honeymoon.  I am truly blessed and I love you!

Moon Honey

The day has finally arrived.  Today I find out what secret my husband has been keeping from me for months and months.  Today I find out where we are going on our honeymoon and I am so excited!!!  I cannot tell you how many people have tried to get this information out of him – and yet he has stayed incredibly tight-lipped about it all.  What a legend.

My suitcase has been packed…to the absolute max (!!) and I am ready for our little adventure.  I won’t lie, I have been feeling very anxious this last weekend.  As much as the excitement of not knowing is, and as much as I wouldn’t have it any other way, I can’t help but be a little anxious – almost a fear of the unknown.  All I can say with absolute certainty is that I have an incredibly special husband, he has totally blown me away with his planning and his ability to make me feel so very loved and adored in the process.  I am so blessed to have him in my life and regardless of where we are actually going on honeymoon, as long as we are together I don’t really mind where it is…yes even De Aar.

So for the next 15 days I will be out of comms whilst the hubby and I enjoy some relaxation time.  Unfortunately at the time of writing this post I am still completely in the dark about where we are going to be spending these days so I can’t even share the news with you yet.  However as soon as we get back I will be back on the blog to let you all know.

Wishing you all a fabulous fortnight and I’ll be back before you know it with pictures galore.

The suspense is killing me

I have a confession to make.  I act all cool, I act like I am not bothered, like I have the patience of a saint but secretly (or not so much now) I am just desperate to know where Dev is taking me on honeymoon.  And as our departure date gets closer the more excited I become.

That is right folks, Dev said from day one that he wanted to plan our honeymoon, I could do almost anything I wanted in terms of the wedding but the honeymoon was his baby.  Don’t get me wrong, I offered, I offered on more than one occasion but he was adamant he wanted to plan it all and surprise me.  Now who can refuse that?  I have to say I have gained a lot of respect for my hubby throughout this whole planning stage.  He has not let slip even remotely where we are going.

Where are we goingSource

Now let me explain exactly what I do know about our honeymoon.  Well I know that it starts on Monday 3rd February, and I know when we get back.  The rest of it I am clueless.  That is right – I don’t know what to pack, I don’t know if I need my passport, I don’t know if I need to buy foreign currency, I don’t know if I need warm winter clothes or summer clothes.  I don’t even know what time on Monday all this excitement starts.  I don’t know if we are getting picked up from our house, if we are driving ourselves somewhere.  I KNOW NOTHING.

Question markSource

How crazy is that?  Dev is taking this surprise to the extreme by packing my suitcase for me.  I have been instructed to make three piles of clothes – one pile is my necessities, one if our honeymoon is a hot destination and one if our destination is somewhere cold.  You must know how hard it is to make piles when you really don’t know what you need.  Needless to say I am taking overpacking to a whole new level.

So now that you know what the story is you can understand just how excited I am.  It is the biggest surprise I have ever had and I am beside myself.  I know that I could very easily find out where we are going if I wanted to, I could check Dev’s phone, his emails and find out our destination but where is the fun in that??  If there is one thing about me if I know something is supposed to be a surprise I will not try to ruin it beforehand.  I am not one to search for presents before a birthday or Christmas.  I love being genuinely surprised on the day and not faking a shocked face.

Well there will be a shocked face on Monday peeps, there will be a very shocked face.  I am going to be waking up at about 3am on Monday and then waiting to see what happens.  For my sake (and Dev’s) let us just hope our honeymoon doesn’t start at 8pm that evening…or else it will be a very looooong day.  I have been trying to picture the look on my face as I find out where we are going and I think the below few images come close…

Excited Excited 1 Excited 2

Excited 4


Excited 3 Excited quote


The radio campaign that made me sit up and take note

This is not an easy or pleasant topic to write about but I heard one of the most powerful radio advertisements/campaigns ever last week and since then I have struggled to get it out of my head.  The statistics are alarming and I get goosebumps every time I hear it on the radio.  I wanted to just let you listen to it before I continue so that you can understand what I am talking about.  Have a listen to this:

The Proactive Education Group – Rape Wise Radio Advertisement

Now tell me that has not given you goosebumps?  I am in utter disbelief at the statistics – that women in South Africa have more chance of being raped than learning to read.  What?  I am horrified.  The statistics have been running through my head all weekend, on my weekend run and bike ride every person I passed triggered the words to this campaign.  It is incredibly hard hitting and really makes you stop what you are doing and listen.

You can visit The Proactive Education Group (formerly known as RapeWise) website here and read more about the fantastic and life changing work they are doing and if you are able to you can donate towards training more social workers who in turn visit schools speaking to our youth and parents on issues ranging from discipline, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, harassment, sexual abuse and cyber bullying.

As I said, this is not an easy topic to write about however I firmly believe that making people aware of what is happening all around us is very important.  This campaign/radio advertisement is not one that is just going to go over my head and I am going to make a plan to do something to help in one way or another.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

A lesson learnt

I mentioned in my post on Monday that Dev and I learnt a pretty valuable lesson last weekend.  It is something that may seem very obvious to you, and to be fair we are normally very good at discussing things but for whatever reason last Saturday Dev and I completely forgot to discuss where, how far or how long Dev was going running for that morning.

Basically Dev went for his long run on Saturday morning at about 6.30am, give or take, as I was trying desperately to continue sleeping.  For the first time ever Dev never kissed me goodbye, as he normally does, he didn’t want to disturb me, if he had we might have discussed his planned route – maybe.  Out he went, I heard him go.  I stumbled out of bed at about 7.30am, noticed that Dev had left his mobile phone next to the bed, thought to myself, okay this guy has no comms on the road but shrugged it off and proceeded to get ready for the day ahead – we had birthday parties remember.  After my shower at about 8am I heard the front door close and assumed Dev was back from his run.  I walked through to the kitchen only to find Grant, our housemate having breakfast.  He informed me Dev had not come back yet, he thought Dev had wanted to do a 20km run but wasn’t sure where.  Okay that is fine – no need to panic, he should be back anytime from now then.

Dev late

8.30am comes, 8.30am goes, 8.45am comes, 8.45am goes.  After subconsciously walking to the kitchen door and glancing up the road every 30seconds 2mins, I had decided to try occupy my mind with some TV.  That didn’t work and Grant could tell I was starting to worry, in fact truth be told I think he was starting to get quietly concerned too.  At 8.55am I asked Grant if he would mind driving me around the area in one of 4 initial directions Dev could have taken on his run.  Remember I/we had no idea where he had chosen to run and he had nothing on him for us to be able to contact him on.

Which way

So off we drove, first choosing the most common running route we would take.  We drove for about 5km’s, we didn’t want to drive too far as we did know that Dev should be nearing home whatever direction he had taken.  Nothing.  We turned around and drove the second of four initial routes, 5km’s later – nothing.  My heart was pounding and I think Grant could sense my panic, he made some jokes, kept me calm and helped me relax as much as I possibly could.  However, as much as I laughed along with him and held conversation my mind was racing.  I was angry with myself for not asking Dev where he was going, for being such an idiot.  My eyes were constantly darting around up the road, and then honestly – in the ditches.  The feeling I had in my heart, when I spotted something lying in the long grass on the side of the road, which turned out to be a big black bin bag, is indescribable.  That is not a nice thought and I hate even admitting that but I really was.  I couldn’t understand what was taking Dev so long, so many scenarios were running through my head.

At the same time we knew Dev hadn’t taken keys for the house and so after the second route turned up nothing we decided to quickly head home to see if he had arrived back home.  We got there, nothing.  Honestly one of the most terrifying moments in my life.  Trying to reason with myself that I had nothing to worry about, at the same time trying desperately to push all negative thoughts from my mind.  This time I wrote a message on our front door for Dev telling him to get in touch with us somehow when he got home and off Grant and I drove again, to try the remaining two routes.  It was at this time I considered getting my brother involved in the search but thought I would wait just a bit longer to avoid any unnecessary stress.

Which direction to your heart?

As we got to the top of our farm road at 9.30am, 35 long minutes after we had started looking for him, we saw him, in the distance about 500m from the farm running along.  He saw us and I could tell he knew why we were there.  I jumped out of the car and waited for him to get to us.  The moment he did he gave me a lovely sweaty hug/kiss and apologised straight away for making me worry.  He had gone out aiming to run 20km’s (about 1 hour 40mins) and when he got there he figured he was feeling so comfortable (!!) he would continue on, it was only when he has passed the point of no return in terms of getting back to me in time, that he realised I had no clue where he was.  So he knew for the last 10km’s of his run that I was going to be at home panicking and unfortunately there was nothing he could do about it except keep running and get to me asap.  He fully expected to see me on the road looking for him and therefore was not the least bit surprised to see me when he did.

So there you have it, all totally harmless actions from both of our sides but ones that we will never repeat.  I wanted to share this to remind you all how important it is to always let someone know where you are and where you are going.  It may sound obvious and sometimes unnecessary but I promise you it is not.  I learnt that last Saturday.

My Thursday Thought: Bucket Lists

Hot on the heels of my announcement yesterday where I flat out told my #1 bucket list item that I was ‘coming to get you’ I thought what better topic than ‘bucket lists’.  We all have them, don’t we?  Some are longer than others, some more daring that others.  However we all have certain things that we want to tick off before we depart this world.  Now you all know what my #1 item is, seeing Garth Brooks live in concert, but I thought I would have a little search around and note a few more down whilst I have this list open.  Have a look at the ones I have chosen below, some I have already ticked off my list, others I am getting to.  These are by no means all of them, I have A LOT more, many a lot more personal and closer to home.  Let me know if any of them are on your list, remember your list can be as long or as short as you want it to be.  There are no rules.

Bucket List Bucket list 1 Bucket List 2 Bucket List 2 Bucket List 3 Bucket List 4 Bucket List 5 Bucket List 6 Bucket List 7 Bucket List 8 Bucket List 9 Bucket List 11 Bucket List 12 Bucket List 14 Bucket List 16 Bucket List 17 Bucket List 19 Bucket List 20 Bucket List 21 Bucket List 21 Bucket List 22 Bucket List 23 Bucket List 25

Bucket List New

Image Source

So tell me…

Bucket List FINAL

By the looks of things a lot of my bucket list items involve travel…best I get saving.  Happy Thursday everyone, here’s to compiling and then completing our bucket lists!

Bucket-list number one – I’m coming for you

On Monday afternoon I received the most incredible news, it made me want to cry.  I wanted to cry tears of joy.  I was actually so excited that I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.  So what news evoked this kind of response?  Here it is:  Garth Brooks is embarking on a three year round the world tour.  That is right peeps, Garth Brooks will be preforming once again and this time he might just be coming to a city near me.

For those that don’t know me at all my excitement at this kind of news might be a bit of a surprise, for those that do know me – if it is a surprise then shame on you!  From the very tender age of 7 I have been the biggest Garth Brooks fan I know. I have EVERY album, I had T-shirts, posters, Box-sets – I even have a letter he wrote to me at the beginning of my high-school career in reply to my fan mail.  I am a little Garth-obsessed.  In a healthy way of course!

My family can vouch for this obsession love of mine.  My brother, to this day, is still slightly cautious about travelling long distances in a car with me as he knows there will be a CD or two played, where I will annoyingly brilliantly sing each line of a Garth Brooks song before Garth himself can sing it.  You know – to make sure my brother can sing along with me!  How sweet am I?!  Dev is fast learning this too, and yet he still loves me!

Garth Brooks

Image Source

Anyway let me explain a bit more.  I have ALWAYS dreamt of seeing Garth Brooks live – it has been the number one thing on my bucket list for over two decades.  Growing up in Zimbabwe that is not an easy bucket-list item to tick off and when Garth announced his retirement in 2001 it was possibly one of the worst days of my life.  I truly believed my dream was over.  I cried a couple of buckets that day.  Fast forward ten years and on returning to South Africa after living in the UK for 8 years, I received an email from the Garth Brooks Fan Club – yes it is perfectly acceptable to be a member of a fan club when you are in your 30′s.  It mentioned that Garth was going to be preforming a few intimate concerts at the Wynn in Las Vegas.  This news came through at about 9pm just after I had jumped into bed. I didn’t stay in bed for long, I rushed into my Mum’s room and pretty much woke her up telling her we needed to buy tickets.  I got a few friends involved trying to get the best tickets I possibly could and was sure that regardless of cost I would be at that concert.  Incredibly I was successful at purchasing two tickets about 11 rows from the front of the stage.  I was ecstatic.  To cut a long story short with the cost and difficulty obtaining visa’s, the cost of flights and accommodation etc etc, I very very begrudgingly made the hugely difficult decision to forfeit our tickets and once again said goodbye to my dream.

Until now.  Ladies and gentlemen – this time I am not giving up.  I will not rest (much) until I know what the dates are of this world tour, and even then I will not rest (much) until I have purchased my tickets to this incredible event.  And even then I possibly will not rest out of sheer excitement leading up to the concert.  I pity anyone around me in the days leading up to the concert and that day I best just warn people that I will be a gibbering wreak.  Sitting in the auditorium I will not be able to sit still and I will possibly have a bet going as to how long it takes from me getting into the concert to me crying in disbelief and joy.  Wish me luck everyone.  Oh and if anyone knows Garth – put in a good word for me please!

Call me crazy, call me weird, all I can say is – blame it all on my roots*.

Garth Brooks 3

Garth Brooks 2

Image Source

Garth Brooks 1Image Source

*The first line of the very first Garth Brooks song I ever heard, and ironically the title of his latest box-set which I am yet to get my hands on.

The week that was: routine, babies and birthday parties

It was a hectic week last week, work is getting busy which I am loving and Dev and I are well and truly back into our normal routine.  With December being such a huge month I am really loving January, I am loving the routine of it, I am loving the challenge of work and I am loving being Dev’s wife.  Although I’m still not getting my head around my new name – tell me married ladies – how long did it take you before you stopped referring to yourself by your maiden name??

We were invited to two great birthday parties this last weekend, a 3 year old’s birthday on Saturday and then a 30th birthday on Sunday.  Just a slight difference in decor, presents and behaviour.

I have to say Dev and I had quite a chuckle on Sunday evening as there were kids at both parties (we even met a gorgeous new-born).  Now we all know how it goes, you meet a boy, you like the boy, you start dating the boy, people are happy for you, after a while people start asking, when are you two love-birds getting married, you laugh it off for a while.  Then you realise hey we should get married, you say yes to the down-on-one-knee boy, you start planning your wedding, everyone asks how the wedding plans are going, you can’t stop talking about your wedding.  You get married.  You think, people are happy now – they will stop asking you all these personal questions.  The questions don’t stop, they just change subject.  Now just weeks after your wedding you start getting asked, when are the babies coming?  Or maybe not asked directly but just a few ‘subtle’ hints, you look at a newborn baby and people start saying – that will be you guys soon.  Oooh are you getting broody?  Haha you have to laugh and I must say I don’t mind the questions at all, everyone asks out of genuine excitement for you and for what is in store for you both.

In other news, Dev has been doing a lot of running at the moment – he is after all training for a rather big race.  After a bit of a hiccup this weekend though we both learnt a very important lesson, a lesson I promise to share with you soon as it was a bit scary.

In the meantime – our week in pictures:

I sent this to my bridesmaids this week to prove to them that we do get sunny weather around these parts!

I sent this to my bridesmaids this week to prove to them that we do get sunny weather around these parts!

Friends of our's pet pig...

Pet pig belonging to friends.

Gorgeous Chloe's favourite snuggle spot, when we can't find her anywhere and she isn't in this spot then we start to worry.

Gorgeous Chloe’s favourite snuggle spot.  If, when searching for her, she isn’t in this spot we start to worry.

Beautiful mist rolling in over the hills just past our house.

Beautiful mist rolling in over the hills just past our house.

I had to giggle at this - question: will there or will there not be rain?

I had to giggle at this – question: will there or will there not be rain?

Our hairy drive home yesterday in the mist - the pictures don't give the mist enough credit.

Our hairy drive home yesterday in the mist – the pictures don’t give the mist enough credit.  Those are two pedestrians on the right hand side just 10metres in front of us.

In this mist cars just come out of no where...not for the faint-hearted.

In this mist cars just come out of no where…not for the faint-hearted.

I hope you all had a great week – only two weeks left in January – can you believe it!  How many of you are still going strong with your New Year Resolutions?

Happy Monday!